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Portraits, Family and Pets

Family portraiture no matter the age. We can do them on location, or, depending on what background you'd prefer to have, we can do a simulation of a studio shoot and give you a choice of backgrounds that we have for our clients only. That's your choice. We will travel up to one hundred miles radius of Winterville for your photographic session post photographic consultation with you to arrange the best outcome and experience we can provide for you. 

Beach Photography.

We will come to any location of your choice within one hundred miles radius of Winterville, NC, especially if it's the beach. This is one that I took of our family by setting up the lighting, timer, and manual settings on the camera, to take a picture of me and my three children on Destin Beach last year while on vacation there. The beach had several people swimming and sitting on the sand, but, such is my competence with Photoshop, I was able to successfully remove them all making the image appear as if it was only me and them there. I can do the same for you. 

Pet Photography. We will photography you and your extended family, your pets. Be it dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, and more, just give us a call for your free photographic consultation to determine how we can make the best experience for you and your loved ones. On one occasion, we even photographed a baby ignwana called Dodger. Sorry but, we don't do snakes!

Barroness Von Tara.

We rescued her from a puppy mill, and she almost died on the way home she was so emancipated and dehydrated. I took her immediately to the vet who gave me a supply of medications to give her through the night. He stated "If she makes it through the night she'll probably be okay." She is now five years old and a wonderful part of our family as all pets/dogs should be. This is an image I took of her using my new light system. 

Landscapes. Are you aware that researchers have discovered those people/employers that exhibit large, beautiful prints, such as ours, in their home/office tend to have viewers that are less stressed, less depressed, less anxious, happier, and more productive? Yes, it's true! Isn't that how you would like your home/office to be? So, what are you waiting for? Rush on over to our shopping website right now at:

and invest in your large, beautiful, prints and see how they work for you, your family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, and employees?

Kelly Danielle Compassionate Photography.  

Named after our daughter, Kelly Danielle, who died at seven days old with a heart defect, we would have loved someone to come to us, before she died, to take pictures of us altogether, but, there was no one and we didn't think of that at the time. If you have a new born, who dies or is expected to die shortly after birth, no matter the time of night and day, for this service we are on call 24/7. If you are high risk, you can establish a relationship with us before the birth so that we can prepare to be on call in the event of catastrophe. Your sitting fees are waived for this service and you get images at greatly discounted prices. We will also do this even if you don't expect anything but happy times and no problematic births too, but the pricing is different. 

Real Estate Photography. Did you know that houses with beautiful images are more likely to sell quicker than those with poorly portrayed or lighted images? Are you also aware that, although curb appeal is important, people buy houses for how they think those houses may meet their needs, and it may not always be apparent from looking at the front image of the house. That's why, often times, it serves to have images of other parts of the home that are special in the needs of would-be-home buyers, and the way you capture those images is also of great importance too? That's what we do when we capture images of homes for our Realtors of which we have experience in that field also making us more ideal for your residential real estate pictures. Beautiful images help to sell homes faster.

Commercial Photography

We do commercial photography taking images to help you advertise your business.

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